With the new trend in handleless kitchens, Dunavox have developed wine coolers that feature push-to-open technology.  The doors are handleless, a gentle push to the top of the door is enough to activate the internal sensor which opens automatically.



There surely is nothing better than sipping on a glass of wine that has been served in the correct glass and chilled to perfection and aged appropriately. If you are one of many wine connoisseurs who delight in both enjoying and collecting wine, then you might want to consider investing in a Dunavox wine cooler.



Ever been amazed how a wine cooler can create such a dynamic space, offering numerous possibilities in terms of design and finish?  Wine cooler makes your interior luxurious and sophisticated at the same time taking the place of pride in the middle of the living area and creates an undeniable statement of luxury and class. 



Europe’s largest range of units with nearly 50 different premium wine cooler models is now available for sale either by Dunavox subsidiaries or by the company’s global distribution network both providing high quality assistance, technical support and after-sales service.



Dunavox wine cooler is the perfect solution to store all your wines safely and for many years to come.  The features that occur naturally in a wine cellar are all managed and maintained within a Dunavox wine cooler.



Dunavox wine coolers are available with one, two, or three cooling zones. The variety of the product range provides the possibility to store different kinds of wine at their ideal serving or storage temperature – making them versatile, quiet and reliable.



Our newest development is self-ventilating wine coolers making the wine coolers extremely easy to install as the vents usually required to create the airflow are no longer needed.


The latest technology in home appliances, swipe through the settings menu just like your mobile phone; change settings from your mobile phone and set the temperature with the full colour screen.


Experience unparalleled convenience and control with our wine fridge’s advanced WiFi and smart app functionality. Whether you’re at home, work, or on the go, stay connected to your wine collection like never before, ensuring every bottle is perfectly chilled and ready to enjoy whenever the moment strikes. 


Dunavox introduces its wine coolers

Wine coolers

A wine cooler is a practical and aesthetic appliance for wine storage. We offer a wide variety of coolers ranging from those with the capacity to store small, personal collections, to apparatus equipped to provide the necessary climate for larger collections. Some models are free-standing while others can be incorporated into your kitchen design.

The latest news from the company

Recent News


Dunavox showroom

We are pleased to announce that the brand new Dunavox showroom has opened its doors!


Dunavox's new headquarters.

A dream come true! After two years of planning and excited anticipation, the opening of Dunavox's new headquarters has finally arrived. This new facility is a significant milestone not only for the company's employees but also for its partners.



Elevate Your Outdoor Space with a Dunavox Premium Wine Cooler

As the vibrant season of spring dawns upon us, our attention naturally shifts towards revitalizing our outdoor spaces. The balcony and terrace become extensions of our homes, offering a serene retreat amidst nature's embrace. In this guide, we'll explore how incorporating wine coolers into balcony and terrace designs can elevate your outdoor experience.


Pour, Preserve, Enjoy: Dunavox's Guide to Organic Wine Storage

In the world of wines, the art of preservation is as crucial as the craftsmanship behind each bottle. Many of us might stash our wines in cupboards or fridges, hoping for the best. However, there's a secret to storing wine correctly, and when it comes to organic varieties, the stakes are even higher. Let's delve into the right way to store your organic wine and why Dunavox stands out as the key to preserving perfection.


Sipping Sustainably: The Eco-Friendly Intersection of Wine and Sustainability

In an era where environmental consciousness is essential, the wine industry is embracing sustainability as a guiding principle. The marriage of wine and sustainability goes beyond the vineyards, extending to the winemaking process, packaging innovations, and even how we store and enjoy our favorite vintages. Let's explore the eco-friendly practices that are reshaping the world of wine and how companies like Dunavox are contributing to a greener tomorrow.


Choosing a Wine Cooler in the Kitchen Renovation Timeline

Are you planning a kitchen renovation? Incorporating a Dunavox wine cooler into your kitchen design can bring a touch of luxury and elegance to your home, but it can also present some challenges. At what stage of the renovation process should you choose the perfect appliance?


The Difference Between Cooling Wines in an Ordinary Fridge and a Professional Wine Cooler

When it comes to storing and chilling wines, many wine enthusiasts face a common dilemma: should they use their ordinary refrigerator or invest in a professional wine cooler? While a regular fridge may seem like a convenient option, it lacks the specialized features necessary to preserve and enhance the flavors of different wines. In this article, we will compare the benefits of cooling wines in an ordinary fridge versus a professional wine cooler. If that sounds interesting, keep on reading!



Wine Cooler Maintenance: Ensuring Longevity and Optimal Performance

Time flies by so fast, it Is almost 2024! What a perfect time to take a moment and learn about wine cooler maintenance, so our Dunavox wine coolers can serve us for many-many more years to come.



Unlocking the Gift of Elegance: A Guide to Choosing the Ideal Wine Cooler as a Present

A wine cooler, thoughtfully chosen, is more than a present; it's a touch of sophistication and a nod to the passion for good wine. In this guide, we will help you choose the perfect wine cooler for your special someone.


Wine Pairing Guide for the Christmas Feast

The holiday season is upon us, and soon we will gather around the festive table with our loved ones to enjoy delicious meals. But what wine should we pair with those festive dishes? Here's a guide to selecting the ideal wines for each course, ensuring a harmonious blend of flavors that will leave your guests impressed and your taste buds delighted.


Selecting Wine as a Gift

Wine can be a brilliant gift for the right people during the holidays, and any other time for that matter. But which ones? How do you know what they like? And what can make it a personal gift?

In this article, we will provide tips that can help you select the right wine as a gift, even if you don't know the recipient very well.



Champagne vs. Wine Cooling Best Practices

When it comes to wine storage, we often hear about the importance of keeping bottles away from light, heat, and temperature fluctuations. But what about champagne? Should we store it differently than wine? The short answer is yes. While champagne is a type of wine, its unique characteristics mean that it requires specific storage conditions to maintain its quality and flavor. In this article, we give you the ultimate guide to store and serve your champagne professionally.


Why Do We Store and Serve Red and White Wines at Different Temperatures?

The world of wines is a fascinating world, full of complexities and flavors waiting to be explored. It's not just about the type of grapes or the soil; even something as simple as the temperature at which you enjoy your wine can make a big difference. So, let's talk about why it's important to serve red and white wines at the right temperatures and how it can make your wine experience even better.



Starting Your Wine Collection - the Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Are you a wine lover eager to embark on the exciting journey of building your wine collection? Collecting wine is a delightful adventure that allows you to explore diverse flavors and discover the beauty of wine. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps of starting your wine collection, from selecting the right bottles to ensuring proper storage with the help of premium Dunavox wine coolers.


32. Budapest Wine Festival

 2023. september 7-10. Buda Castle


Dunavox has been committed to quality wines for many years and proudly supports the development of winemaking and wine culture in Hungary. The perfect tempering of wines is an essential part of the gastronomic experience. That's why the Dunavox coolers at the Budapest Wine Festival's VIP locations ensure that each sip reaches the taste buds at the most suitable temperature.


The Golden Rules of Serving Wine

Whether you're a seasoned wine enthusiast or just starting to explore the vast realm of wines, mastering the art of serving wine can elevate your tasting experience to new heights. Here are some golden rules to follow when serving wine, including sparkling wine and champagne, along with additional accessories and fascinating traditions from around the world.



Why Wine Coolers Make the Perfect Wedding Gifts

With wedding season upon us, finding that perfect wedding gift becomes a delightful quest. Look no further, as we introduce you to the ideal blend of style and practicality: a wine cooler. Whether the newlyweds are wine enthusiasts or enjoy a glass now and then, a Dunavox premium wine cooler adds a touch of elegance and functionality to their home.


Unlocking Space and Elegance: The narrow and super practical Dunavox Flow-9 wine cooler

In the realm of luxury and elegance, every detail counts. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, the Dunavox Flow-9 Wine Cooler is a true gem. This special appliance combines functionality, exclusivity, and aesthetic appeal, making it the perfect addition to any modern home, summer house, or boat. With its slender design and impressive features, the Dunavox wine cooler enables you to maximize space while ensuring your wines are preserved and displayed in style. In this article, we will explore how this wine cooler can elevate your living space, impress your guests, and upgrade your wine experience.


Must-have wines for this summer to fill up your Dunavox wine cooler

As the warm summer breeze fills the air, it's time to embrace the joys of outdoor entertaining and indulge in the pleasures of wine and food. When it comes to hosting unforgettable summer dinner parties, the selection of wines and their perfect food pairings can make all the difference.


Dunavox Premium Wine Coolers: How to Choose the Right One for You

Whether you're an avid wine collector or a casual wine enthusiast, a wine cooler is a must-have appliance for storing your bottles at the ideal temperature. But with so many options available - did you know that Dunavox has the widest selection of premium wine coolers in Europe? -, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. From built-in wine coolers to standalone wine coolers, there are many factors to consider when selecting a wine fridge that meets your needs. In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to make an informed decision.



The perfect blend of luxury and functionality: Why Dunavox wine coolers are a must-have for weekend houses

In the realm of weekend getaways and serene retreats, every detail matters when it comes to creating the perfect ambiance. A wine cooler is a subtle yet powerful addition to any weekend house, adding a touch of luxury, elegance, and sophistication to your experience.


Cooking with wine: discovering health benefits beyond the flavor

Wine has been a part of culinary tradition for centuries, and it's no wonder why. Not only does it add rich flavor and depth to our dishes, but it can also offer significant health benefits. Cooking with wine can be a fantastic way to incorporate its healthful properties into your daily diet, and here's why.


Which room should we place our Dunavox wine cooler?

A wine enthusiast like you knows that proper wine storage is essential to preserving the integrity of your wine collection. And a wine cooler is the perfect solution to ensure your bottles are kept at the ideal temperature, protected from harmful light and vibration.


The Secret to Perfect Champagne: Proper Storage and Food Pairings

Champagne is often associated with celebrations and special occasions, but it has a rich history that goes far beyond just being a drink to toast with. It is said that the first sparkling champagne was created accidentally by a monk named Dom Perignon in the late 17th century.


Wines for spring and how to pair them with delicious meals

As the winter months come to a close and spring begins to bloom, wine lovers are eager to transition to lighter, crispier wines that pair perfectly with the seasonal fare. 


New year, new kitchen? What to expect in 2023 when it comes to kitchen design?

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it's no surprise that homeowners are always looking for ways to upgrade and improve this space. As we move into 2023, we're seeing some exciting trends emerging in kitchen design that are sure to inspire and delight.



A new milestone in the life of Dunavox

We are pleased and proud to announce the laying of the foundation stone for Dunavox's new headquarters. The new headquarters will be a 4,000 m2 building with a warehouse, showrooms, and offices that will lay the foundation for the brand's further development and provide a sophisticated home for product storage and display.


No wine cellar? No problem! Our guide to store and serve wine at their best temperature

Have you ever experienced the taste of wine stored in a normal refrigerator and wine stored in a wine cellar at the right temperature?


Interesting wine facts you might have never heard of

Did you know? While China is only the fifth-largest wine-producing country globally, it is the leading market for red wine.


What is a wine cooler, and why you might want to invest in one?

A wine cooler is a type of refrigerator that stores wine at the optimal temperature to keep its taste, aroma, and texture safe from damage.


Cheap Wine Coolers vs Expensive Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are practical, aesthetic appliances for smart wine storage. The decision for how to store your wine collection can be an extremely expensive one depending on how large your collection is and how exact you want to be on the storage conditions.




The world of wine is complex. Our favorite fermented juice is made with hundreds of grapes in different styles in over 70 countries. So, where to start your vinous journey? Here are wine’s 10 commandments.


Our Review of the DX-181.490DBK

We are here to bring you our review of the Dunavox DX-181.490DBK wine cooler. This wine cooler is dual-zone and can either be used as a built-in or freestanding unit. This cooler is also from the Dunavox exclusive line and has a large capacity of 181 wine bottles, due to this large capacity it will work perfectly in large contemporary kitchens and the large holding capacity means it has great use and purpose for the hospitality industry such as hotels and restaurants. Wherever you are placing this huge wine cooler it will store your wines safely for many years to come. If you are considering this model for your home or business we are here to guide you on all information on this wonderful cooler and explain all the features to help you decide if this wine cooler is the one for you.



Our newest development is self-ventilating wine coolers. This makes the wine coolers extremely easy to install as the vents usually required to create the airflow are no longer needed. There is a ventilation grille at the bottom of the cooler which allows the cool air to reach the compressor, at the top there is another ventilation grill which allows the warm air to escape. This means that integrated units can now be installed underneath worktops making them extremely easy to incorporate into modern kitchens.


What Are Stand Alone Wine Fridges?

If you want to know more about stand-alone wine fridges, also commonly referred to and known as ‘freestanding’ wine coolers/fridges, then we are here with this guide if you are looking to add a new addition to your home. We have all the info on the different variations of wine coolers out there on the market and also the pros and cons of using a stand-alone wine fridge.


Table Top Wine Fridges vs Integrated Wine Fridges

When it comes to choosing a wine fridge, it is important to understand the differences between the options available. You will then be able to make the correct choice for you, your kitchen and your wine storing needs for your wine collection. Each individual is different and has a different space to work with at home. So we have put together the differences between a tabletop wine fridge - which is a freestanding model, and also an integrated wine fridge, so you can understand better which fridge would suit you more.


Does Champagne Go in a Wine Fridge

When we talk about wine fridges, quite often as the name suggests we focus on the storing of different types of wines inside them and what works best for red, white and rosé wines. Amongst all the wine talk, it is sometimes easy to forget about the more showy, celebratory drink - Champagne. If you have an interest in Champagne and wine, then it is worth reading on, as Champagne has a different set of storage rules compared to your favourite red and white tipples.


How To Display Your Wine In a Wine Cooler

If you are a serious wine lover, then you should be serious about the storing of your wine at home and you will more than likely benefit from owning a wine cooler of your own. Storing your bottles inside a cooler ensures you get the perfect taste out of your wine. If you are already a wine cooler owner, or if you are researching the subject of wine coolers and how to store your precious vino correctly - then look no further and read on, as we have all you need to know about the correct way to display and store wine.


Tips for Ageing Red Wine

Ageing your wine isn’t always as simple as storing your wine in a cool and dark space - there are plenty of other factors that you should consider if you want your wine to mature in the best possible way. From knowing which wines are best for ageing to choosing the ideal storage space, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about the ageing process, and our top tips for ageing your wine.


Under Counter Wine Coolers - Our Guide

Wine coolers provide the optimal storage conditions for your wine, whether you’re storing your wine in the short term for serving or in the long term for ageing. They work to keep your wine cool and regulate the temperature, regulate the humidity levels, protect your wine from sunlight, and some wine coolers will eliminate vibrations and aromas. There are different types of wine coolers that are designed to be installed in different ways. Today we’re going to be talking about under-counter wine coolers. But what exactly is an under-counter wine cooler? And how do I know if an under-counter cooler is best for me? We’ve got you covered - keep reading for our guide to under-counter wine coolers, including information about regular wine coolers, and how you can choose an under-counter wine cooler.


What Is A Commercial Wine Cooler?

Wine coolers offer the ideal environment for storing your wine. You can find wine coolers in all shapes and sizes, and for all kinds of purposes. Whether you need a wine cooler to store your wine for serving, to store your wine for ageing, or to store your wine for customers in your business, you’re sure to find a wine cooler to meet your requirements. Wine coolers for businesses are known as commercial wine coolers. Keep reading to learn more about wine coolers, commercial wine coolers, and where you can place them.


What Temperature Should White Wine Be Stored At?

Each wine has its optimal storage temperature, so the temperature you should store red wine at may be slightly different to the temperature you store white wine or sparkling wine. But what temperature should white wine be stored at? And how can you achieve the right storage temperature for white wine? Keep reading to learn more about how white wine should be stored, including the optimal short term and long term storage temperatures.


What Temperature Should A Wine Fridge Be Set At?

Wine fridges are one of the best, most effective ways of storing your wine, whether it be in the short term for serving or in the long term for ageing. You may be aware that wine fridges keep your wine collection cool and store your wine in the right way, but do you know what temperature you should set your wine fridge at? Keep reading to learn more about wine fridges, wine serving temperatures, and long term wine storage.


A Guide To The Dunavox Flow Range

Wine coolers are the ideal way to store your wine, alongside wine cellars, wine cabinets, and wine walls. Dunavox is an award-winning wine storage and wine cooling brand, offering a variety of minimalistic and functional wine storage solution designs, with state of the art technology. Read on to learn more about the Dunavox Flow Range, including information about what wine coolers are and how they can protect your wine collection.


Can You Store Wine In Kitchen Cupboards?

Some wine enthusiasts or collectors may tell you to avoid storing your wine in the kitchen - but do they have a point? After all, they’re dark and convenient spaces to place them, and not everybody has a wine cellar they can store their collection in. But is it okay to store your wine in your kitchen cupboards? If not, where’s the best place to store your wine? Keep reading to find out whether you can store your wine collection in your kitchen cupboards, or if there are better ways to store your wine.


Best Gifts For Wine Lovers This Christmas

Christmas is approaching, and you may be struggling to think of quality gift ideas for your wine-lover friends (aside from a bottle of wine, of course!). Thankfully, there are plenty of quality gift ideas for wine lovers that are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face, whether it be your father, friend, partner, grandma, or even your mother in law! Keep reading for some of the best gift ideas for wine lovers this Christmas, from a handy wine journal to a quality wine cooler.


A Guide To The Dunavox Grande Range

A wine cooler could be just the thing you need to lengthen the life of your wine, serve it correctly, and age it in the perfect way. At Dunavox, we know all about the nuances involved with wine storage - and we know what works and what doesn’t. The Dunavox Grande Range is perfect for homes and businesses, allowing you to store larger collections in the best possible way. Keep reading to learn more about wine coolers and what they do, and for some information about the Dunavox Grande Range.


Is Sunlight Bad For Wine?

The way you store your wine matters, and if you store your wine incorrectly, then it could age prematurely and develop bad flavours and aromas. You may already know that you should store your wine in cool conditions, but did you know sunlight can also have an effect on your wine? If you want your wine to stay fresh for longer and age in the right way, then you need to take sunlight into account when storing your wine. But how does sunlight affect wine? And why is sunlight bad for wine? Keep reading to find out - and to learn how you can store your wine in the best way.


5 Main Benefits Of A Wine Cooler

A wine cooler is a perfect way to store your wine. It’s an appliance that stores your wine while taking into account certain storage factors. Wine collectors, wine investors, and wine lovers alike should all use a wine cooler or a similar appliance to ensure that their wine is kept in the best possible way. But what are the main benefits of a wine cooler? And why should you buy one? Keep reading to find out!


How Long Can You Keep White Wine In The Fridge

You may have heard that storing your wine in the fridge is the best way forward. However, this isn’t always the case - although wine may remain fresh for longer in a fridge, it can destroy the wine's natural flavours. Unopened white wine is sure to last much longer than opened wine, but why? And how do you best store white wine in a fridge? Keep reading to learn how long white wine can be kept in the fridge both opened and unopened. We’ve also included some storage tips to help your wine last longer in the fridge.


The Best Small Wine Coolers To Buy

More and more people are using wine coolers to store their wine. No matter how large or small your wine collection, you’re sure to find the perfect wine cooler for you. Wine coolers come in all shapes and sizes - you can find models that can store larger collections of over 150 bottles, and coolers that can store just 7 bottles. You may think that a wine cooler is only worth it if it can store your entire collection - but this isn’t the case. There are countless quality wine coolers that can be integrated into your kitchen, or stand freely in your home. Keep reading to find the best small wine coolers to buy.


Small Wine Fridges - Are They Worth it?

Wine fridges can come in all shapes and sizes - from smaller countertop models to larger build-in models that can store over 100 bottles. You may think that wine coolers are only worth it if you have a larger collection, but is this the case? Are small wine fridges worth it? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions, as well as learn more about wine coolers in general.


A Guide To The Dunavox Home Range

At Dunavox, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to wine storage. Your wine deserves to be stored in the best way, and our storage solutions can provide optimal storage. The Dunavox Home Range is perfect for your home, whether it be your kitchen, living room, dining room, or even on a patio or balcony. We put quality first, and no matter which model you choose, your wine is sure to be protected from the elements and kept as fresh as ever. Keep reading to learn more about wine coolers and for information on our quality Home Range.


How Significant Is Humidity In Wine Storage

When you store your wine collection, you probably keep it in a cool and dark place - but did you know you also have to consider humidity? Humidity can be difficult to control unless you purchase specialised equipment or a quality wine cooler. It is an important factor when it comes to wine storage, especially if you plan on ageing your wine. But how significant is humidity in wine storage? And why? Keep reading to find out.


Kitchen trends for 2021 – what to expect regarding wine coolers?

The kitchen is one of the most substantial places in your home. You probably drink your coffee here in the morning, have some lunch in the evening and store your favorite wines as well.


3+1 of the most popular wine producing regions in the world - with their most popular wines

What are the most popular wine regions on earth, where are they located, what are the most exciting facts about them, and what are their famous wines?


The unwritten rules of proper wine serving

How to serve wine elegantly? What are the main rules of opening the bottle, holding the wine glass, and filling the wine for other people?


From wineskins to cork - the evolution of wine storage

The continuous improvement of wine storage solutions, that has enabled to start international transportation and store wine in large quantities.


The Key Differences Between Built In And Fully Integrated Wine Coolers

No matter how big or small your wine collection is, it deserves to be stored in the best possible way. Wine coolers are a great way to store your wine - they protect your wine from UV light, humidity, and of course, maintain a cool temperature. There are three main types of wine cooler - freestanding, built-in, and fully integrated. Built-in and fully integrated wine coolers are pretty similar, but what are the key differences between built-in and fully integrated wine coolers? Keep reading to find out.


The Best Wine Coolers For Long Term Wine Storage

Whether you’re a wine lover and plan on ageing your wine, you’re investing in your wine collection and plan to sell it when it’s a certain age, or you simply want to store your collection in the best conditions, you should have a firm understanding of the conditions in which your wine should be stored. Keep reading to learn more about wine coolers, and some factors you should consider when choosing a wine cooler for long-term storage.


How climate change can affect the wines and wine industry?

Can you imagine Norway, as one of the wine production centers of the world? Does it sound like science fiction? No matter how much we want to avoid it, this can become reality.


Where to find place for your wine cooler at home?

Are you considering the purchase of a brand new wine refrigerator, but aren’t you sure where to put the machine at home? In this article, we’ll show you all the possible choices and list the aspect that you should calculate regarding the question.


3+1 wonderful and amazing wine tour ideas in Hungary

Traditional and amazing wine regions in Hungary, where you can relax, enjoy the hospitality of local people, and have some gastronomic experience.


5 tips for the perfect wine tasting

Useful and proven tips for perfect wine tasting. Just try them and that way your experience will be smooth.


Tips For Using A Wine Fridge This Winter

You may think that you don’t need to worry about your wine cooler in the winter. After all, if it’s cold anyway, surely your wine will be fine, right? Well, unfortunately, this isn’t the case - and you may actually need to take more care in the winter months to ensure your wine cooler is storing your wine in the best possible way. Keep reading for our top tips on how to use and care for your wine fridge in the winter. From avoiding UV rays to remembering to clean the unit, these tips are sure to elongate the life of the fridge as well as protect your wine.


How Does A Dual Zone Wine Cooler Work?

Wine coolers are an effective way of storing your wine, both for ageing and for serving. There are countless designs of wine coolers on the market in 2021 - you can find wine coolers with door and temperature alarms, display shelving, LED lighting, and of course, dual temperature zones. But what are temperature zones? Why do you need them? How do they work? Keep reading to learn more about dual zone wine coolers, including how they work.


A Guide To The Dunavox Soul Range

Wine is best stored in certain conditions - conditions that can be created by a quality wine cooler, fridge, or cellar. No matter how big or small your wine collection is, you should be storing it in the best way - and wine stored in a wine cooler is sure to taste fresher, age well, and look better. There are countless wine coolers on the market, but none quite compare to the integrated coolers we offer in our Soul range. Keep reading for our guide to the Dunavox Soul Range.


Easiest Ways To Age Wine

Good wine deserves to be enjoyed. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply enjoy a bottle of red on special occasions, you should always try to get the best out of this fine drink. Unfortunately, there are a wide variety of ways in which wine can be spoiled by external factors such as poor ageing. Improper wine storage can lead to all sorts of problems, but if you take the right steps you can prevent this from happening. Optimal wine storage can seem daunting if you don’t have expensive items such as a customised wine cellar, but you don’t need to break the bank. To ensure that you get the best results possible, it’s crucial that you understand the easiest (and best) ways to age wine.


The Main Factors That Can Affect Your Wine During Storage

Your wine needs to be stored correctly to remain fresh for longer and to mature well. As wine ages, it goes through chemical processes and develops new textures, flavours, and aromas. Wine can age badly, or it can age well - and storing your wine correctly will ensure that your wine ages well. There are certain factors that can impact how well your wine keeps - whether it be the type of cork used, sunlight, or temperature. Keep reading to learn more about the main factors that can affect your wine during storage, so you know how to best store your wine collection.


Improving A Kitchen With A Wine Fridge

More and more people are purchasing wine fridges, and making them the focal point of their kitchen. There are countless kinds of wine fridges on the market in 2021, in all designs, shapes, and sizes - so it’s not too difficult to find the perfect wine fridge to enhance your kitchen. But what exactly does a wine fridge do? And how can a wine fridge improve your kitchen? Keep reading to learn more about wine fridges and the different types, as well as how you can improve your kitchen with a wine fridge.


How A Built In Wine Cooler Is Installed

A wine cooler can keep your wine fresh and cool until they’re ready to drink, as well as aid the ageing process. Built-in wine fridges are becoming more and more popular with wine lovers - they’re convenient, effective, and look great in your home or business. But do you know how built-in wine coolers are installed? Keep reading to learn more about built-in wine coolers, and how they are correctly installed.


Budapest Wine Festival 2021

2021. September 23-26. Buda Castle

At the Budapest Wine Festival, the finest wines are cooled in DUNAVOX wine coolers at several locations.


A Guide To The Dunavox Glance Range

Whether you have an extensive wine collection or a smaller collection, your wine deserves to be stored in the best way. Wine kept at the right temperature is sure to taste better, look better, and mature better. If you’re looking for a new wine cooler, our Glance range is the best place to look. Keep reading to learn more about wine coolers, why you should use a wine cooler, and for information on our Glance range of integrated wine coolers.


Places To Store Wine At Home

People who love wine know how important it is to store wine in the correct conditions. If you fail to do this, it can seriously hinder the taste of the wine and diminish what could have been an excellent experience. Would you go to the trouble of acquiring a bottle of wine without taking the necessary steps to ensure that it reaches its maximum potential? That’s right, you wouldn’t, and that’s why you’re reading this article. In this helpful guide, we’re going to take you through some of the best ways to store wine at home and why they are so useful. There is a common misconception that wine has to be stored deep within a centuries-old cellar, but this isn’t the case.


Other Uses For A Wine Fridge

Many of us know that wine fridges are an excellent tool for ensuring that your wine is kept at the optimal temperatures for serving. Neglecting wine by leaving it in substandard conditions often results in a poor taste that reduces the enjoyment and value of the drink, and no one wants that. Indeed, viticulturists around the world are well aware that wine fridges are exceptionally useful for these reasons, but did you know that wine fridges have many other exciting uses? The examples can be endless depending on how creative you want to get. But we aren’t going to simply list the endless possibilities of wine fridge functionality, as that could take all day. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at what we consider to be the most useful ways in which a normal wine fridge can become multi-faceted and change your life for the better!


Integrated Wine Coolers - Are They The Best Choice?

Choosing the right wine cooler is essential when it comes to storing wine. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or simply want a place to keep your collection in the best condition possible, it’s always worth considering your wine cooling options. There are various different types of wine coolers that come in all shapes and sizes. Different brands, specifications, and performance levels are all key factors to consider when deciding on a wine cooler. In this article, we’re going to take a detailed look at integrated wine coolers. By reading this guide, you’ll be able to determine whether or not an integrated wine cooler is the best choice for you. So without further ado, what is an integrated wine cooler?


A Review Of The Dunavox DXFH-20.62

As our readers know, the art of wine cooling is one that requires perfection. There are various ways in which you can ensure your wine cooling experience is as good as it can possibly be, and getting a wine cooler is one of the best ways by far. Here at Dunavox, we take our craft very seriously. Each time a product is made, it is made with the best results in mind. That’s why we’re really looking forward to telling you all about the Dunavox DXFH-20.62, one of our mini freestanding wine cabinets that has a number of very exciting features. To craft a good wine storage unit, there are many important things to consider. In this review, we’re going to take a look at the finer details of the Dunavox DXFH-20.62 and tell you everything you need to know in order to truly understand this product.


Wine Fridges - A Buyers Guide

Storing your wine at the perfect temperature can keep your wine fresh for longer, and bring out the right textures, flavours, and aromas - which is why a wine fridge is a great addition to the home of any wine lover. A wine fridge is exactly what it says on the tin - a fridge designed to store wines effectively, keeping your wine collection fresh, cool, and well preserved. Wine is best stored at temperatures between 11°C and 14°C, so most fridges will have this as their preset setting. Wine fridges come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs, so it can be difficult to know what exactly to look for before purchasing one - but don’t worry, you can keep reading to find out!


How To Organise Your Wine Collection

If you’re a wine lover and want your wine collection to be organised in the right way, then it’s important that you have good storage space for your wine - and that you know how to organise it in the best possible way. If you have an extensive wine collection, it can be a lot more difficult than just putting reds on one shelf and whites on another. Everybody is different, so the way you organise your wine may be different from your friend or colleague - but many people will organise their wine either by price, type, age, region, or producer. Keep reading for more information on wine storage options, and for tips on how to organise your wine collection in an efficient and tidy way.


An Introduction To Dunavox's Integrated Range

Your wine collection deserves to be stored correctly. Storing wine at the right temperature can bring out the right flavours, aromas, and textures, as well as helping it mature in the best possible way. Integrated coolers are one of the best ways you can store your wine - keep reading to learn more about wine coolers, how expensive integrated wine coolers are, and about Dunavox’s integrated range.


The Best Place To Put A Wine Cooler

Wine coolers can be a great way to store and display your wine, and you’re sure to find a wine cooler that fits into your home or business.However, there are different types of wine coolers that are best suited to different areas of your home, and it can be difficult to know exactly where to put your wine cooler. Keep reading to learn more about wine coolers, the different types of wine coolers, and the best places to put your wine cooler.


The Most Popular Wine Fridges In The UK

It’s not just those with a large and expensive wine collection that can benefit from a wine fridge. Regardless of whether you have just a few bottles or a varied collection of over 100 bottles, a wine fridge is one of the best ways to store your wine. Most modern wine fridges do much more than just keep your wine cool - as well as regulating the temperature, wine coolers can protect your wine from UV light, regulate the humidity levels, eliminate aromas, and even minimise vibrations. There are countless different wine fridges that can benefit your wine in different ways, and it can be tough to find the perfect wine cooler for your wine collection. Some wine coolers have dual temperature zones, some wine coolers have super quiet compressors, and some even have locks for protection. It can be overwhelming when you’re browsing wine coolers, but we’re here to help - keep reading to find out some of the most popular wine fridges in the UK.


Top Tips For Storing Wine This Summer

No matter how big or small your wine collection is, you should be storing it in the best possible way. It doesn’t matter whether you’re storing your wine collection in the short term or you’re storing it in the long term for ageing - you should still consider the main storage factors that can affect how your wine looks, smells, and of course, tastes. There are certain do’s and don’t involved with wine storage, from considering temperature to choosing the right wine storage space. In the summer, there may be even more that you need to consider as the ambient temperature rises. If you want some helpful tips for storing your wine this summer, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for our top wine storage tips for this summer.


What Is A Freestanding Wine Cooler?

More and more wine lovers are deciding to store their wine in a wine cooler. Wine coolers consider all of the major wine storage factors, ensuring that your wine remains fresh for longer and ages well. Wine coolers are the ultimate wine storage solution - but how much do you know about wine coolers? Wine coolers come in three main designs - freestanding, built-in, and fully integrated. Today, we’ll be talking all about freestanding wine coolers, including how they're different from built-in coolers, and the main features of freestanding wine coolers. We’ll also be explaining exactly what a wine cooler is and why you need one - so keep reading to learn more!


How To Pick A Dunavox Wine Cooler

The way you store your wine matters - it doesn’t matter if you’re a committed wine lover or you’re new to the wine world, you should have the right storage space for your wine collection. Wine coolers are one of the best ways that you can store your wine, taking into account temperature, humidity, sunlight, and even vibrations. With so many wine cooler brands on the market, it can be difficult to find the right wine cooler. Dunavox is one of the best brands in the wine storage industry - and you’re sure to find the perfect Dunavox wine cooler for your wine collection. At Dunavox, our wine coolers are both stylish, durable, and extremely practical. But how do you pick a Dunavox wine cooler? Keep reading to find out!


Dunavox introduces its first high-end display wine cooler

Several reports confirmed the glad tidings that wine - in moderation, of course - reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.


Dunavox Luxury Lifestyle Award

2020 was a hard year for all of us. But let's focus on the good and the good moments. For us, winning the Luxury Lifestyle Award in the best luxury wine fridge in the world category was a great honor.



Meet the Dunavox DAU-40.138SS wine cooler!

This single zone exclusive compressor wine cooler is here to cool and store your favorite wines. ????