How To Pick A Dunavox Wine Cooler

  • 2021-06-14

The way you store your wine matters - it doesn’t matter if you’re a committed wine lover or you’re new to the wine world, you should have the right storage space for your wine collection. Wine coolers are one of the best ways that you can store your wine, taking into account temperature, humidity, sunlight, and even vibrations.

With so many wine cooler brands on the market, it can be difficult to find the right wine cooler. Dunavox is one of the best brands in the wine storage industry - and you’re sure to find the perfect Dunavox wine cooler for your wine collection. At Dunavox, our wine coolers are both stylish, durable, and extremely practical. But how do you pick a Dunavox wine cooler? Keep reading to find out!


Installation Type

Dunavox wine coolers come in two designs - freestanding and built-in. Compressor models are efficient models - however, they require suitable ventilation and space around the unit for the hot air to escape and the cool air to enter. The location of the compressor ultimately determines how the wine cooler should be installed, and how much space is needed during installation.

Freestanding wine coolers are designed to stand freely and not be restricted into cupboard space or under kitchen counters. You should leave space for ventilation because the compressor coils are located at the rear of the unit. Most freestanding wine fridges require around 3 inches of space around the rear and sides of the unit, as well as 12 inches above the unit for optimal airflow.

Built-in models, as expected, are designed to be built into kitchen space - typically under kitchen counters and breakfast bars. This is why they’re also known as under-counter wine coolers. With built-in wine coolers, the vents are typically located at the bottom of the unit. You typically have more flexibility with built-in and integrated wine coolers, as you can place them pretty much anywhere.


Temperature Zones

Wine coolers are designed to store your wine collection at the optimal temperature, whether it be for serving, for ageing, or to simply keep your wine fresh for long periods of time. Many wine coolers will have a single temperature zone that is maintained throughout the unit. If you have a collection of reds or a collection of whites - or you plan on storing your collection in the long term, a single zone wine cooler should be enough. However, if you have a varied collection or you plan on storing wines in the short term and long term within the same unit, then you may benefit from a wine cooler that has dual temperature zones or multiple temperature zones.

Red wines and white wines have different serving temperatures, and a wine cooler with two cooling zones can prepare different types of wine for serving in the same unit. White wine is best served at slightly cooler temperatures, whereas many red wines are best served at room temperature. At Dunavox, you can find quality and efficient dual-zone and single-zone wine coolers that can store your wine in the perfect way.



Wine coolers are typically designed to accommodate standard Bordeaux bottles - so if your collection includes larger bottles such as Champagne bottles, then you could struggle to store them in a typical wine cooler. At Dunavox, we offer wine coolers with a variety of shelving options, meaning you can store your Champagnes and Proseccos with ease.

Wine should always be stored horizontally to keep the cork moist by ensuring it’s always in contact with the wine. This ensures the cork stays plump, which protects the wine against outside air, bacteria, and other contaminants for years to come. Storing wine horizontally also ensures that fine wine ages properly. Keep in mind that not every beverage cooler is made for wine. Be sure to look for a wine cooler with smooth-rolling wooden shelves or metal racking designed to keep bottles in place. This makes it easier to store and find bottles and ensures all corks stay moist.



One of the main things you should consider when choosing a Dunavox wine cooler is how large your collection is. If you have a large collection, you’ll need a wine cooler that can accommodate all of your bottles. We recommend choosing a wine cooler with 20% more space than needed so you have space to grow your collection. However, avoid choosing a wine fridge that’s too large as the compressor will need to work harder to make up for the empty space.

In the Dunavox Grande Collection, you can find wine coolers that can store as many as 194 bottles. However, if you have a small wine collection or you simply want to prepare a few bottles at a time for serving, then you can find a Dunavox cooler that can meet your needs. In the Dunavox EOL Collection, you can find a wine cooler that can store as few as 7 bottles of wine, making it the perfect display piece - and in the Dunavox Flow Collection, you can find smaller wine coolers that can store between 9 and 45 bottles.


Extra Features

All of our quality wine coolers are full of convenient and luxury features. You can find wine coolers that have stylish interior LED lighting that allows you to display your wine and other glassware such as glasses and decanters. Our wine coolers will either have stylish handles or use push to open technology, meaning you can access your wine collection by simply pushing the right spot of the wine cooler.

Our wine coolers also feature glass doors which are perfect for displaying your valued wine collection. The glass doors have been UV treated, so you don’t have to worry about sunlight affecting your wine. Sunlight can cause irreversible chemical reactions within the wine that can affect how the wine tastes, smells, looks, and ages. You can also find Dunavox wine coolers that have vibration-free compressors, meaning that your wine won’t be disrupted by vibrations. This can also have an impact on the flavours of your wine and can prevent sediment from settling.