3+1 wonderful and amazing wine tour ideas in Hungary

  • 2021-10-19

Traditional and amazing wine regions in Hungary, where you can relax, enjoy the hospitality of local people, and have some gastronomic experience.

Have you ever heard the following sentence from Michael Broadbent? - "Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures."

We think that this quote perfectly summarizes the essence of quality wine consumption. 

If you like wine specialties and prefer to visit traditional wine regions, in this article we recommend you some of the best places you can visit in Hungary.


Balaton – marvelous vineyards with beautiful views

The Balaton wine region is one of the seven wine regions of Hungary, maybe the most complex one. Although you can find some nice vineyards on the south coast, we better recommend you visit the north coast.

During summer you can experience the so-called „wine-weekends" in Badacsony, Balatonfüred or Csopak. During these wine fests, many wineries are offering their specialties, 

Types of wine to taste: If you prefer white wines, you can taste here types like szürkebarát, olaszrizling, rizlingszilváni, chardonnay, muscat ottonel, or for example Tramini.


Eger – the historical city with high-quality wines

With almost 5.400 hectare vineyard on the southern slopes of the mountain Bükk, Eger is a „must-see" category for wine lovers. Not to mention the cities its glorious history, castle, and historical monuments, which make visiting Eger even more special experience.

You can taste here the region famous wine called Egri Bikavér, and for dinner just try the stewed venison steak flavored with forest-field spices and cranberry sauce.

Program tip: If you have the opportunity to visit Eger, don't miss the Szépasszonyvölgy, because that place is a kind of paradise for wine lovers. Just take a walk around the wineries left and right side, and taste some specialties that make you curious.


Villány – take a walk on Hungary's first wine route

Villány is the most southern wine region of Hungary, but it worths driving that far away. Not only because of it's well known and best-selling wines, but the Villány wine region is also able to be constantly renewed while respecting tradition.

During summer afternoons you can just walk around the main wine street, and try the regions' specialties, like Olaszrizling, Hárslevelű, portugieser, Villányi Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Merlot.

Winery to visit: In Villány we recommend you to attend a wine tasting program at the famous Sauska winery. You can taste 5 or 7 types of high-quality wines, with some delicious bites and after that just have an unforgettable dinner at the restaurant.


Etyek - lovely little wine region next to the capital

Etyek is only 26 km far away from Budapest, that's why it could be a perfect program idea to explore it for you. The typical grape varieties near here are chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, zöldveltelini, rajnai rizling, Zenit, or pinot noir.

Maybe the following quote from Etyeki Kúria describes the best way the attitude you can experience:

"We live and work here, we love every little detail, we believe in its construction and beautification. We have been confessing for twenty-one years now that the future is based on traditions, supported by the continuous learning career of our winery."

Program idea: If you go to Etyek, just try so-called „gastro walkway". At weekends many local service providers offer their products, so in addition to a glass of wine, you can taste some delicious homemade cheese, butter, cakes, chocolate, and ham to hot meals.