A Guide To The Dunavox Home Range

  • 2021-11-11

At Dunavox, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to wine storage. Your wine deserves to be stored in the best way, and our storage solutions can provide optimal storage.

The Dunavox Home Range is perfect for your home, whether it be your kitchen, living room, dining room, or even on a patio or balcony. We put quality first, and no matter which model you choose, your wine is sure to be protected from the elements and kept as fresh as ever.

Keep reading to learn more about wine coolers and for information on our quality Home Range.


What Is A Wine Cooler?

The way you store your wine collection is important, and a wine cooler is one of the best ways you can do so. A wine cooler is an appliance that stores your wine in an effective way - some considering just temperature, and others considering temperature, humidity, and sunlight.

Wine should be stored at temperatures between 11°C and 14°C, and a wine cooler can keep your wine the right level of cool. However, white wines can be stored at lower temperatures for serving. Storing your wine within this temperature range will help the wine age in the right way, and ensure it remains fresher for much longer. In fact, you can store your wine in wine coolers for years and years.

Some wine coolers feature more than one temperature zone, which is ideal for larger or mixed collections. This means that you can store your reds in one compartment, your whites in another, and your sparkling wines in another.

It also means you can store wine in the long-term uninterrupted, and you can prepare wine for serving within the same unit. Many wine coolers will offer extra features - you can find wine coolers that have door and temperature alarms that will alert you when the door is left open or when the temperature drops out of a certain zone. Many wine coolers will also regulate humidity, ensuring that your wine as well as the bottles and labels are protected.

Some wine coolers will feature removable or adjustable shelves, which enables you to store larger bottles of wine. Most wine coolers are designed to accommodate standard Bordeaux bottles, but you can store larger bottles (e.g Champagne) if there are adjustable or removable shelves.

You can find wine coolers that store under 15 bottles, and others that store over 200 bottles. Although wine coolers come in all shapes and sizes, they will be one of three designs - freestanding, built-in, and fully integrated. Our Dunavox Home Range features freestanding wine coolers, and we’re going to be informing you on the ins and outs of freestanding wine coolers in the next section.

Built-in wine coolers are built to fit into kitchen spaces such as under-counter space or inside cabinets, with the door of the cooler exposed. Ensure the vent isn’t covered when installing a built-in unit, and always check the spatial requirements beforehand.

Fully-integrated wine coolers are similar, designed to be integrated into your kitchen space. However, the wine cooler is completely enclosed with a cabinet, including the door. When installing built-in and integrated wine coolers, it’s important that you follow manufacturer instructions - failing to do so can result in the unit overheating and the warranty being voided.


What Is A Freestanding Wine Cooler?

Now we’ve discussed built-in and fully integrated wine coolers, it’s time to learn all about freestanding wine coolers - the design featured in our Home Range. Freestanding wine coolers are extremely popular - mostly because of their versatility. They can be used in a variety of settings and placed pretty much anywhere in your home.

Unlike built-in and fully integrated wine fridges, freestanding wine coolers stand freely and aren’t limited to kitchen cabinets or under counters. This gives you plenty of freedom when it comes to placing it, and it’s easier to place freestanding wine coolers as you don’t have to worry about installing them.

However, you do need to consider ventilation space. When placing a freestanding wine cooler, ensure that you leave approximately 3 inches of space around the unit for the air to flow freely and to prevent overheating. You should also leave at least 10 inches of space above the unit for the air to escape effectively.

You can find freestanding wine coolers that can be placed on top of your kitchen counter or table, and wine coolers that can stand freely next to your fridge, or in your basement, utility room, or your garage.


The Dunavox Home Range

If you’re looking for a quality freestanding wine cooler for your home, then look no further than our Dunavox Home Range. Wine coolers in our home collection can be placed anywhere in your home - most people place their wine coolers in their kitchen, but coolers from this collection can be placed anywhere.

Whether you choose to place the wine cooler in your living room, dining room, your bedroom, and even your patio or balcony. However, it’s important to note that these wine coolers aren’t designed to be stored under counters or inside cabinet space, so ensure that you leave adequate space around the unit before placing it.

The smallest cooler in this collection stores just 16 standard Bordeaux bottles, and can be placed on tabletops or on top of your kitchen breakfast bar. If you have a larger collection, you may want to choose the largest unit in the Home Range, which stores 54 bottles. The quality coolers in this collection feature interior LED lighting, so you can proudly display and view your wines at all times.

Each unit features a UV-treated glass door, which protects your wine from sunlight and turns the unit into a staple feature of any home. You’re certain to find a wine cooler in the Home Range perfect for you and your needs - some have dual temperature zones, and some have just one. To control the temperature, use the conveniently placed digital control panel. There is also humidity control to ensure the right level of moisture.