5 tips for the perfect wine tasting

  • 2021-10-18

Useful and proven tips for perfect wine tasting. Just try them and that way your experience will be smooth.

Tasting events and tours are fantastic experiences for wine lovers, especially when they’re well prepared for the uninterrupted and proper tasting. In this article we’ve summerized the 5 most important tips for perfect wine tasting.


1. Eating recommendations before wine tasting

If you know that you’re going to take part in a wine tasting tour or event, just try to avoid the eating od intensely flavored and spicy foods. In the meantime, we, not either propose teeth brushing immediately before wine tasting.

Why? Because spices and toothpaste could mislead the tastes and that way harm your experience. Although eating an apple can help you to neutralize all the effects.


2. Keep going with the recommended order of wines and tasting method

Wine tasting has its own culture, etiquette, and recommended method. We don’t recommend to try or follow a different way. First of all, it’s better to respect the organizer’s schedule. On the other hand, by keeping the proper order can help you to have a classical experience.

So, as you further glass by glass, first, just take a look at the color of the wine. After then smell it slowly and gently. After that tasting may come and finally you can summarize what you’ve felt and experienced.

Just to have a few words about wine orders, tasting events should start with white wines. Then come the rosé and finally the red ones.


3. The proper way of holding the glass during wine tasting

In most tasting events the wine will be filled into stemmed glasses. Normally for white wines and rosé, they can be narrower, rounder and richer glasses are usually for the red ones.

Whether you take it from the table, from a tray or someone hands it to you, we don’t recommend it to grab the wall of the glass. Even it would be easier and safer, just forget it.

Instead of that simply hold the glass towards the base of the stem between your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. That way you can keep it in a comfortable way.


4. A bit more about the proper way of wine tasting

Never forget that wine should be enjoyed in small sips. So try to avoid pulling off the contents of your glass at the same time, even the wine tastes pretty much great. If the wine that you’ve tasted was excellent, just ask for re-tasting.

When you smell the wine, instead of the edge smell in the middle of the glass. That’s because alcohol precipitates at the edge.  So you can discover the true aroma by smelling in the middle.


5. The best time for wine tasting

Interestingly, between 10 and 11 a.m. is the best time for the human body to taste wine. Although it would be pretty much strange to organize wine tasting in the morning, especially on workdays.

Buti f you’ve your holiday at some famous and classic wine regions, you can plan your schedule that way. For example, the time zone could be optimal to schedule a cellar visit and have a perfect wine tasting experience.