The Secret to Perfect Champagne: Proper Storage and Food Pairings

  • 2023-03-22

Champagne is often associated with celebrations and special occasions, but it has a rich history that goes far beyond just being a drink to toast with. It is said that the first sparkling champagne was created accidentally by a monk named Dom Perignon in the late 17th century. The drink gained popularity in the 19th century when it became the drink of choice for French royalty and aristocracy. Today, champagne is enjoyed all over the world, and it holds a special place in our lives as a symbol of luxury and celebration.


One of the keys to enjoying champagne is storing it properly. 

Champagne is a delicate drink, and even minor changes in temperature, humidity, and light can affect its taste and quality. To ensure that champagne stays fresh and maintains its unique taste, it is important to store it professionally.

This means keeping it at a constant temperature, away from direct sunlight and vibrations, and in a humid environment.

This is where Dunavox Sera champagne wine coolers come in. These coolers are designed specifically for champagne storage and come in different sizes to fit various needs. They are equipped with advanced technology to maintain a stable temperature, and their sleek design makes them a stylish addition to any home or bar.

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We all know about pairing white wine with fish and chicken, but what about Champagne?

While it is often enjoyed on its own, champagne can also be paired with different types of food to enhance its flavor and create a memorable experience for guests at a wine-tasting party.

One classic pairing is with oysters. The saltiness of the oysters pairs perfectly with the acidity of the champagne, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. Another great pairing is with cheese, particularly soft, creamy cheeses like brie or camembert. The buttery texture of the cheese complements the effervescence of the champagne.

For those with a sweet tooth, champagne can be paired with desserts such as fruit tarts or chocolate mousse. The sweetness of the dessert is balanced out by the dryness of the champagne, creating a complex and satisfying flavor profile.

In conclusion, champagne is a drink that has stood the test of time and continues to be a symbol of luxury and celebration. To fully enjoy its unique taste and quality, it is important to store it properly, and Dunavox Sera champagne wine coolers offer the perfect solution. The elegant and sleek design of the Dunavox Sera coolers will sure please the eyes of the guests, and with the right pairing of food, champagne can elevate any occasion and create a memorable experience for all.