An Introduction To Dunavox's Integrated Range

  • 2021-07-16

Your wine collection deserves to be stored correctly. Storing wine at the right temperature can bring out the right flavours, aromas, and textures, as well as helping it mature in the best possible way. Integrated coolers are one of the best ways you can store your wine - keep reading to learn more about wine coolers, how expensive integrated wine coolers are, and about Dunavox’s integrated range.


What Are Integrated Wine Coolers?

A wine cooler is a space where your wine is kept cool - typically between 11°C and 14°C. There are wine fridges that are designed to keep your wine cool in the long term, to keep it cool for serving, and wine fridges that do both. As well as storing your wine collection, wine coolers can also display your wine - which is perfect if you’re a wine lover with an extensive and expensive collection.

There are three main types of wine cooler - freestanding, built-in, and integrated. Freestanding wine coolers stand alone in your kitchen, living room, dining room - pretty much anywhere in your home or business.

However, due to the placement of the vents, it’s important to have at least 3 inches of space around a freestanding wine cooler to prevent overheating. Freestanding wine coolers can contain as little as 10 bottles to over 200 bottles, which is perfect for dinner parties or having guests over.

Built-in wine coolers are designed to be stored under counters, and as with freestanding wine coolers, built-in wine coolers need space around the unit for optimal airflow.

The difference between built-in and integrated wine coolers is that built-in wine coolers are visible - you can see them when walking around your kitchen or dining room. Integrated wine coolers are completely integrated, and blend in perfectly with your home.

Integrated wine coolers are designed to be integrated into the interior of your home or business. You’re sure to find an integrated wine cooler that keeps your wine collection cool, and proudly displays your bottles.

This type of wine cooler always fits in perfectly with your interior - as it’s designed to! Many integrated wine coolers will have several temperature zones, which means you can store your red, white, and sparkling wines at separate temperatures.

This also means that you can have wine storing in the long term at one set temperature, and wines ready to be served at a different temperature. Overheating shouldn’t be an issue with integrated wine coolers as the vents are usually located near the front - which means they can easily be integrated into your cabinet, utility, or kitchen space.


How Expensive Are Integrated Wine Coolers?

Integrated wine coolers are generally less expensive than wine cellars. The cost of integrated wine coolers can vary from a couple of hundred points to thousands of pounds - it all depends on the brand, the quality, the features, and the design.

Some industrial-sized integrated wine coolers for cellars or for businesses can cost over £8,000 - but these coolers typically recreate wine cellar conditions and can accommodate hundreds of bottles. Dunavox’s integrated wine cooler range is reasonably priced. The general rule of thumb is that the higher quality a wine cooler is, the more expensive it - but this isn’t the case with Dunavox.

Duavox’s integrated wine cooler range features luxury wine coolers with multiple temperature zones with great value for money. Models that can accommodate more bottles will generally cost more, and integrated wine coolers can store anything from 10 to over 100 wine bottles.


Dunavox’s Integrated Wine Coolers

Dunavox is an award-winning brand that brings professional wine storage and cooling solutions. Their integrated range features minimalistic, practical, and functional coolers with state-of-the-art technology and energy-efficient performance.

Some models from Dunavox’s integrated wine cooler range include a push2open technology activated by an internal sensor. All you have to do is lightly tap the top of the door and the automatic sensor will be triggered and open the door.

In the integrated range, you’ll find wine coolers suitable for any collection - whether you have a small collection of everyday wines, or a larger, expanding collection with a variety of types, brands, and price tags. Your wine will be kept at the correct storing temperature and protected against humidity thanks to the air control system, so you can enjoy every sip of your favourite wine knowing it tastes as good as it possibly can.

Some models have dual temperature zones, which means you can store wine at different temperatures for storing and serving. It also means that you can store your reds at one temperature, your whites at another, and your sparking at another for optimal storage conditions.

The temperature zones generally vary from 5 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius, and you have more control over the temperature than other brands. Some wine coolers can be noisy, but you won’t find this issue with Dunavox’s integrated wine coolers.

Dunavox wine coolers feature a vibration-free compressor - the cooler’s powerful fans work with the compressor to circulate the cool air throughout the unit, creating an even temperature and no hot spots inside the cooler. Each model is reliable, manufactured to the highest quality, and worth every penny. You’ll find models with seamless stainless-steel glass doors, tinted or transparent doors, and a classy, professional design.

A Dunavox integrated wine cooler will be the focal point of any kitchen, dining room, or living space, and will slide in perfectly between your fridge, kitchen cabinets, microwave, oven, or coffee machine.

Some designs feature interior lighting which can be great when displaying your quality wine collection, and add to the classy aesthetic of the integrated wine cooler. Whether you chose white or blue LED lighting, it’s sure to add to the beauty of your interior.