The Most Popular Wine Fridges In The UK

  • 2021-06-29

It’s not just those with a large and expensive wine collection that can benefit from a wine fridge. Regardless of whether you have just a few bottles or a varied collection of over 100 bottles, a wine fridge is one of the best ways to store your wine. Most modern wine fridges do much more than just keep your wine cool - as well as regulating the temperature, wine coolers can protect your wine from UV light, regulate the humidity levels, eliminate aromas, and even minimise vibrations.

There are countless different wine fridges that can benefit your wine in different ways, and it can be tough to find the perfect wine cooler for your wine collection. Some wine coolers have dual temperature zones, some wine coolers have super quiet compressors, and some even have locks for protection. It can be overwhelming when you’re browsing wine coolers, but we’re here to help - keep reading to find out some of the most popular wine fridges in the UK.


Why Use a Wine Fridge?

A wine fridge is one of the best ways of storing your wine collection - it’s an appliance that stores your wine in the best conditions. One of the main functions of a wine fridge is to keep your wine cool. In the long term, wine is best stored within the temperature range of 11°C to 15°C, so most wine fridges will have this as their default setting. However, the recommended storage temperatures are slightly different when it comes to short-term wine storage as different wines have different serving temperatures.

White wines and sparkling wines are usually best served at cooler temperatures, typically between 7-8°C depending on the body. Red wine, however, is best served at slightly warmer temperatures - around 15°C. If you have a collection of reds and whites, then you may want to choose a dual-zone wine cooler or a wine fridge with multiple temperature zones, so you can store your wines at their recommended temperatures within the same unit.

Humidity is an important factor in wine storage, which is why most modern wine coolers will regulate the humidity levels within the unit. Wine needs humidity to keep the cork moist - if your wine storage space doesn’t have enough humidity, the cork will likely dry out and expose your wine to oxygen. Wine coolers work to regulate humidity levels between 50% and 70%. Too much humidity can also be damaging to the wine and can cause mould growth and label damage. Your wine should also be kept out of sunlight, as the UV rays found in sunlight can negatively affect the quality of the wine. Wine coolers protect your wine from these harmful UV rays, whether it be by using a solid door or a UV-treated glass door.


Best Dunavox Wine Fridges

Dunavox provides some of the best wine storage solutions in the UK - with Dunavox, you’re sure to find the perfect wine cooler that suits your needs and stores your wine collection in the best possible way. Here are some of the best and most popular Dunavox wine fridges.


The Glance Collection

If you’re looking for quality kitchen integrated wine coolers, then you’re sure to love the wine coolers in the Dunavox Glance Collection. The wine coolers in this collection feature push-to-open technology, meaning that you can open your wine cooler with a gentle touch on the top corner. Our handleless wine coolers perfectly integrate into any modern kitchen, offering a sleek and seamless look. In the Glance Collection, you can find wine coolers with capacities ranging from 18 bottles to 114 bottles. The largest wine fridge in this collection is the DUNAVOX GLANCE-114. It features a modern design, combining sleek black and stylish wood. There are two cooling zones in this wine fridge, as well as fan-assisted cooling, humidity control, and vibration-free storage.


The Soul Collection

One of the most popular wine fridges in this collection is the DUNAVOX SOUL-72. This wine cooler comes in either a sleek black exterior or a modern stainless steel exterior. It has two temperature zones, which is perfect for larger or varied wine collections. It is designed to be integrated into your kitchen, whether it be in wall space or inside cabinets. It can comfortably store up to 72 bottles of wine, which is ideal for medium-sized wine collections.


The Flow Collection

The Dunavox Flow is a collection of premium under-counter wine coolers, with capacitors ranging from nine bottles to 46 bottles. They are designed to be stored under kitchen counters, manufacturers in widths to fit comfortably under your typical kitchen counter. The DUNAVOX FLOW-9 is a single zone model and is the perfect choice for storing a few bottles of wine for serving purposes. If your kitchen has limited storage space, then this wine fridge may be a perfect choice.


The Home Collection

Most people choose to store their wine coolers in their kitchen, but the wine fridges in the Dunavox Home Collection allow you to store your wine fridge anywhere in your home, whether it be in your living room, dining room, garage, or even your garden. They are freestanding units, which means they aren’t suitable for under counter storage or to be integrated into kitchen space. The DUNAVOX HOME-30 features two temperature zones, making it a great choice if you have a varied collection of reds and whites. You can store up to 29 bottles on the solid wooden shelves, and this wine cooler even supports the storage of open bottles.


The EOL Collection

The EOL Collection has a variety of wine coolers for different needs, with capacities ranging from just seven bottles up to 74 bottles. One of the most popular wine coolers in this modern collection is the DUNAVOX DAB-26.60. It’s a fully integrated wine fridge with a single temperature zone, featuring a sleek and contemporary design. The stainless steel finish combined with the glass door provides a stylish and modern aesthetic. The wooden shelves are highlighted by the blue LED lighting, allowing you to display your favourite bottles. This wine cooler has a capacity of 26 bottles and is ideal for achieving serving temperature.