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Integrated wine coolers within a kitchen’s aesthetic are becoming more and more favoured throughout the wine collecting industry. With substantial knowledge being acquired by the public for types of storage, people are beginning to realise the importance and benefits of good preservation for their wine collection.

However, there is still some hesitance when it comes to deciding on what wine cooler to invest in. What will suit your kitchen? What features do integrated wine coolers have that make wine coolers so important? How do you install an integrated wine cooler? Read on to find out more about our Dunavox Glance collection!


Integrated Wine Coolers: What Are They?

Kitchen-integrated wine coolers are one of the most luxurious and sought-after forms of preservation available on the market today. Whether you’re looking to age your wine for years to come or just keep it cool for the weekend - the accessories and features allow your bottles to stay in optimal conditions. Unlike a freestanding wine cooler, these integrated models can be installed either under your counter or in available cabinetry space.

So long as there is sufficient room in your kitchen and the measurements and space for adequate ventilation is in place - you can safely place integrated wine coolers. Alternatively, you may have a bar that you want to ...