A Guide To The Dunavox Glance Range

  • 2021-09-14

Whether you have an extensive wine collection or a smaller collection, your wine deserves to be stored in the best way. Wine kept at the right temperature is sure to taste better, look better, and mature better. If you’re looking for a new wine cooler, our Glance range is the best place to look. Keep reading to learn more about wine coolers, why you should use a wine cooler, and for information on our Glance range of integrated wine coolers.


What Is A Wine Cooler?

A wine cooler does exactly what it says on the tin - keeps your wine cool. Wine is best stored at cooler temperatures, usually between 11°C and 14°C. Storing your wine at the right temperature can ensure that your wine remains fresh for longer, ages well, and tastes as good as it should. You can find wine coolers that keep your wine fresh ready to be served, wine coolers that keep your wine cool for longer periods of time, and wine coolers that do both.

There are three main designs of wine coolers - you can find freestanding wine coolers, built-in wine coolers, and fully integrated wine coolers. Our Glance Range of wine fridges are all fully integrated, meaning they fit seamlessly into the interior of your home or business.

Freestanding wine coolers are the most common type, as they are versatile units that can stand freely anywhere in your home. Whether you choose to conveniently place a freestanding wine cooler under a cabinet, on a shelf or standing freely next to your fridge, it’s sure to look great.

However, it’s important to consider airflow while placing your freestanding wine fridge. Because of the placement of the vents, you should leave around 3 inches of space around the unit to prevent overheating.

Built-in wine coolers are also popular - they are designed to be built in under counter spaces and also fit in seamlessly with your interior. However, unlike fully-integrated wine fridges, built-in wine fridges are visible and aren’t hidden into cabinet space.

You also have to be mindful of placement with this type of wine fridge, as there needs to be a few centimetres of space around the unit to prevent overheating. Fully integrated coolers tend to be more expensive, as they add to the interior of your home, and require some manpower to integrate the unit into your space.

You can find all kinds of designs of integrated wine coolers - units with glass doors that proudly display your wine collection, larger units that can accommodate over 20 bottles of wine, and smaller fridges that are perfect for serving. Fully integrated wine coolers are designed to match the aesthetic of your home, so will definitely fit in with your interior.

Fully integrated wine coolers don’t tend to overheat as the vents are usually found near the front of the unit - so it’s important to ensure the vents aren’t covered. You can integrate this type of wine cooler anywhere into your home, but most people place them into cabinet space or other kitchen space.

Dual and multiple temperature zones are common in fully integrated wine fridges. This means that you can store your different wines in different sections of the fridge at different temperatures - you can store your reds at one temperature, and your whites at another. You can also keep your wine at one steady temperature in one section while having wine ready to be served at another.


Why Use A Wine Cooler?

All wine lovers should use a wine cooler to keep their wines at the right temperature and to ensure that their bottles mature as well as they possibly can. Wine is best stored at between 11 and 14˚c, and all quality wine coolers will store wine in this temperature range.

Storing your wine in this temperature zone is sure to bring out the right textures, flavours, and aromas. Wines improve with age, and a wine cooler will ensure that your wine lasts longer than it would without.

Wine coolers are also a great way to display your wine. After all, your wine collection deserves to be seen, not hidden at the back of a shelf. If you have guests over regularly or simply enjoy a glass of wine, having a wine cooler is a more convenient option than taking up space in a fridge or popping down to the cellar every time you want to crack open a bottle.


Dunavox Glance Range

Our Glance range of fully integrated wine coolers is full of convenient technology to give you the best possible experience. Instead of having to pull open the door, we have developed push-to-open technology to match a modern handle-less kitchen. To access your collection, all you have to do is gently tap the top of the door to activate the internal sensor to open the door.

You don’t need to worry about overheating with the coolers in our Glance range - we have an integrated ventilation system that allows the cool air to reach the compressor via a small grille near the bottom of the unit, and the warmer air escaped through the grille at the top of the cooler. Because of our quality integrated ventilation system, our Glance wine coolers can be integrated under worktops, seamlessly fitting in with the interior of your kitchen.

The coolers in this range are built to accommodate standard 75cl bottles of wine - however, in some of our designs, you can remove the shelves to fit larger bottles. In this range, you’ll find units with single temperature zones, units with dual temperature zones, and units with multiple temperature zones. Some coolers can accommodate between 10 and 20 bottles of wine, some can accommodate around 50 bottles, and some can even store 114 bottles.

You’re sure to find a quality cooler that matches the look of your home. You can find modern designs with tinted glass doors, or more rustic-looking designs with wooden exterior doors. Some of our Glance coolers have a shiny metal exterior, and some have a sleek black design - and some have both!

Lighting is something you should always look out for when choosing a wine cooler, and the units in our Glance range have various different lighting options. Most of our coolers feature white, orange, and blue interior LED lighting, which enables you to display your favourite wines in style.

Humidity is also important when storing wines, which is why our coolers offer humidity control to ensure your wine stays fresh for as long as possible, and ages perfectly. Our coolers are also certain to protect your wine collection from harmful UV rays - UV rays can speed up the ageing process in wines and produce unwanted chemical reactions that can ruin the taste of wine and give it an unpleasant acidic taste.