Interesting wine facts you might have never heard of

  • 2022-12-05

Did you know?

While China is only the fifth-largest wine-producing country globally, it is the leading market for red wine. It's not only because of the flavor, but the red color of the wine is considered lucky in Chinese culture and is favored by the government.

Wines from western Europe and the Middle East are known as ‘Old World’, while others are called ‘New World’, which encapsulates the Americas, Australia, Africa, and Asia. Makes sense…

I bet you did not  know: The largest bottle of wine is the "Nebuchadnezzar." It equates to 20 regular-sized bottles or around 15 liters. Impressive!

Did you know?

The wine's aroma decreases if it is cooled too much. And did you know that red wine loses its fruity flavor when stored too hot? Storage and consumption at the optimum temperature give the wine its true flavor and aroma. Another reason to invest in a wine cooler! Take a look and discover our wine cooler collection.

"Toasting" originated in ancient Rome when they retained Greek traditions. It's derived from dropping a piece of toasted bread in wine to soften bitter tastes.

Talking about greece: In ancient Greece, the host of dinner would take the first sip of wine to assure that the wine served to guests wasn't poisoned. The act of courtesy was where the phrase "drinking to one's health" originated.

And one last fact:  Bottles that have animals on the label are known as “Critter Wine”.

Did you learn something new?

We bet you did! It is time to invite some friends over for a wine tasting night and share your new knowledge around the topic.