Best Gifts For Wine Lovers This Christmas

  • 2021-12-21

Christmas is approaching, and you may be struggling to think of quality gift ideas for your wine-lover friends (aside from a bottle of wine, of course!). Thankfully, there are plenty of quality gift ideas for wine lovers that are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face, whether it be your father, friend, partner, grandma, or even your mother in law! Keep reading for some of the best gift ideas for wine lovers this Christmas, from a handy wine journal to a quality wine cooler.


Wine Journal

One of the best things that you can gift a wine lover is a wine journal. This is also a great gift for somebody who enjoys wine tasting, or somebody planning on expanding their wine horizons. A wine journal is a great way of gaining a better understanding of wine, as well as making notes of any memories of the wine that you can reflect on at a later date.

A wine journal is a perfect place to record any observations about each wine that you try. You can organise a wine journal however you like, although the majority of wine journals come with a premade structure. It’s essentially a diary that allows you to record details of each wine you taste - the year, place, grape, and what food you paired with it. Wine journals are great at discovering new wine pairings with different foods. It allows you to record what works, and what doesn't work, giving you the chance to deduce new and exciting pairings.


Wine Scented Candle

There are plenty of businesses out there that can perfectly encapsulate the scent of different wines - so if you know your friend’s favourite wine, why not purchase a scented candle that smells just like it? Mulled wine scented candles are a great Christmas gift and can leave a home smelling divine. However, you can find Prosecco, Shiraz, Merlot, Pinot Grigio and pretty much any wine scented candles.

For that extra touch, you can find wine candles that have been made using old repurposed wine bottles, as opposed to a regular glass candle jar. This is also a perfect gift if you’re buying for somebody who cares about the environment. These make excellent stocking fillers as well as a great gift for secret Santa.


Specialist Wine Glasses

You may be thinking that wine glasses aren’t much of a gift - you can get 4 for under a fiver in Home Bargains or Wilkos. However, you can find quality specialist wine glasses that can make the perfect gift for any wine drinker.

There are wine glasses out there specifically designed for different types of wine - for example, if the person you’re gifting to prefers Pinot Noir, you can find specialist Pinot Noir glasses. Specialist wine glasses feature a flat bottom with a wider surface area, which works to speed up the evaporation rate and enhance the aromas and flavours of the wine.


Champagne Stopper

If you’re buying for a Champagne, Prosecco, or sparkling wine lover, then the ultimate stocking filler for them is a Champagne stopper. Sparkling wines go flat quite quickly upon opening, even when kept in a fridge. Champagne stoppers (bottle stoppers) act as a cork to help the wine retain its freshness. 

A quality Champagne stopper can clamp tightly onto a bottle of sparkling wine and provide the perfect amount of pressure to preserve the bubbles for a couple of days. This means that no precious Prosecco has to go down the drain, as it can be preserved for a couple of days until it’s enjoyed again. It’s the perfect contraption for any wine lover’s kitchen, and can make the ultimate addition to a main gift, a stocking filler, or a secret Santa gift!


Stylish Coasters

Coasters are a great way of protecting tables from the rings and glasses and wine bottles can leave. When you think of coasters, you may think of those ugly branded cardboard coasters you see in pubs - however, you can find much more stylish coasters that are designed specifically for wine bottles.

A pewter disk coaster can rest a bottle of wine perfectly, and most even have cork underneath to prevent the table from scratching. You can find wine coasters in any colour, but glass and marble coasters are especially stylish. A quality coaster is sure to look great on any wine shelf, in a wine fridge or wine cabinet, or on display in the kitchen or dining room. A combination of some stylish coasters, a Champagne stopper, and a wine scented candle is sure to make the perfect gift.


A Decanter

Another great gift idea for a wine lover is a decanter. You can buy a quality wine decanter for just £20, but there are plenty of luxury options out there for an extra special Christmas gift. Decanters feature a broad base with a wide surface area and a narrow neck, which works to aerate red wines at room temperature.

Most wine decanters are designed to store a whole bottle of wine, which is super convenient for big wine drinkers! You can find decanters in all shapes and sizes, but most are made from glass or crystal. The main designs are swan, duck, and cornett, and the standard decanter which resembles a vase.


A Quality Wine Cooler

One of the most luxurious gifts that you can buy a wine lover is a wine cooler. Wine coolers provide the perfect environment for storing wine both in the long term and for storing. Some wine coolers feature more than one temperature zone (dual-zone or multi-zone), which is great for larger and varied collections. However, dual-zone wine coolers can also prepare wine for serving and store wine in the long term for ageing at the same time, at different temperatures.

Wine coolers protect wine from the elements, humidity, sunlight, and provide the perfect temperature to ensure that wine lasts longer and tastes as great as it should.