What is a wine cooler, and why you might want to invest in one?

  • 2022-10-25

A wine cooler is a type of refrigerator that stores wine at the optimal temperature to keep its taste, aroma, and texture safe from damage.

Wine lovers understand the importance of preserving the wine's flavor, aroma, structure, and that different types of wines require different temperatures. This can only be achieved by storing wine bottles at their optimal temperature, humidity, and light over time. And for that, a wine cooler is ideal for storing your exquisite wine bottle collection for a few weeks or months. Wine coolers maintain humidity between 50-80% and keep your wine stored in a nurturing environment.

If you are searching for a wine cooler, you are at the right place. Dunavox offers the widest collection of wine coolers in Europe and has a wine cooler for every need. Let’s see how to choose the perfect one for you from the almost limitless options.



Whether you are a serious wine lover or a new fan, Dunavox offers an extensive range of wine storage solutions for your needs. Small wine coolers are the best options for those who want a compact cooler they can easily find a place for in their modern homes. 

The capacity of 25-50 wine bottles usually satisfies the needs of wine lovers. Small wine coolers are also energy efficient and more affordable than the big ones.

If you are a serious wine enthusiast or own a restaurant or a bar, large wine coolers are the perfect options for you with a spacious storage capacity for wine bottles. Large wine coolers can store up to 200 bottles with a separate portion for different types of wines.



Standalone wine coolers can be installed anywhere in your home. They can be easily relocated from one place to another when needed. They are also more inexpensive than built-in coolers.

Built-in / under-counter wine coolers are an investment. They can fit into your kitchen's interior and give a stunning look, turning modern kitchens into luxurious ones while preserving the quality of your expensive wine collections. 



When you buy a Dunavox wine cooler, you have the luxury to choose from single, dual, or multi-zone models. When a wine cooler has multiple zones, that means that you can store and cool your favorite wines at different temperatures within one appliance. If you regularly enjoy red and white wines, you might want to choose a double-zone wine cooler.

Wine enthusiasts understand that cooling wine in a refrigerator can damage its taste and is not ideal for storing multiple bottles for a longer period of time. Dunavox is a one-stop shop for wine coolers with various amazing designs available in more than 40 countries worldwide and promising unsurpassed quality.

If you want to make the right decision investing in a wine cooler, discover our latest collection and find the wine cooler that fits you the best.