No wine cellar? No problem! Our guide to store and serve wine at their best temperature

  • 2022-12-07

Have you ever experienced the taste of wine stored in a normal refrigerator and wine stored in a wine cellar at the right temperature? We guarantee that you will feel a significant difference in taste. In an ideal world we would all have a wine cellar to store our beloved wine collections in the right conditions, but unfortunately for most of us this is not possible.

Fortunately, a wine cooler makes it possible to bring the nurturing conditions of a wine cellar into our homes, in many forms that suit our needs and intrigue the eye in a modern, stylish kitchen. Dunavox offers the largest selection of wine coolers in Europe, so you are guaranteed to find a model that suits your individual needs.



What are the characteristics of a quality wine bottle? Some say it is the soil, others say it is the grapes, and still others say it is the barrels in which the wine is aged. They are immoral; none is nearly as crucial as temperature. Although it is often overlooked.

While red and white wines do not require different temperatures during storage, serving is a different story. It is important to remember that every wine has an ideal serving temperature and one temperature does not fit all.

The general rule is that the lighter the wine, the colder it should be served. The wine should be served warmer the larger it is.

Sparkling wines such as Champagne and Prosecco and lighter-bodied wines such as Sauvignon Blanc are best served at colder temperatures like 3-7°C.

Rosé or fuller-bodied whites (e.g Chardonnay) are best served at: 7-12°C

Lighter red wines and medium-bodied reds are best stored at typically between: 12-15°C

Bolder reds are best served and stored at slightly warmer temperatures: 15-20°C 

A dual zone wine cooler lets you set different temperatures for your reds and whites within one appliance. Dunavox provides a solution to all your concerns by offering a single-zone, double-zone or triple-zone wine storage collection.



Customers who need to store at least three different types of wine should opt for the three-zone version. There are three separate temperature controls for the three parts of the storage room. Red wine is stored in the upper section, white wine in the middle and champagne or sparkling wine in the lower section.

Dunavox also introduced a new product line dedicated to champagne: DUNAVOX SERA . Click and discover it here!

Although wine and champagne share some similarities, there are also contrasting characteristics that must be considered when creating a design for a champagne bottle.

Each feature of the champagne wine refrigerator allows you to keep your favorite champagne at its optimal temperature, rather than guessing it in a regular refrigerator. With an elegant, stylish champagne wine refrigerator (available in under-counter, built-in and freestanding versions), you will give your kitchen an elegant appearance. 

Not only does it look luxurious, but it also has room for your large champagne bottles or bottles of wine that you plan to drink regularly (if desired).