Table Top Wine Fridges vs Integrated Wine Fridges

  • 2022-03-13

When it comes to choosing a wine fridge, it is important to understand the differences between the options available. You will then be able to make the correct choice for you, your kitchen and your wine storing needs for your wine collection. Each individual is different and has a different space to work with at home. So we have put together the differences between a tabletop wine fridge - which is a freestanding model, and also an integrated wine fridge, so you can understand better which wine fridge would suit you more.


Table Top Wine Fridge

A tabletop wine fridge can also be referred to as a freestanding wine fridge, this is because they stand alone without the aid of anything else to support it. Freestanding wine coolers are usually placed in large areas with plenty of space and ventilation for your fridge to breathe. Most commonly found in kitchens and garages, they can often hold a large number of wine bottles and can mimic the purpose of a wine cellar. A tabletop wine cooler is like a mini-fridge - but designed just for wine. They are small in size and unlike other forms of freestanding wine fridges, they can be placed conveniently on any countertop and switched to different locations just as fast.



Common design features found in wine fridges that free-stand on their own, whether small or large, are found to be with a UV protected glass door with shelving inside. This means you can still view your wine on display from the outside whilst your bottles are protected. Other designs that are less often in stock involve draws instead of shelving and opaque doors instead of the treated UV glass.



A tabletop wine fridge is also the perfect solution for affordable, yet proper wine storage if you cannot afford or do not want to refit your entire kitchen layout just to add a dedicated wine fridge. Maybe you don’t have a sizable kitchen to forfeit your storage or cupboard space. This is when tabletop wine fridges are the perfect solution and are also amazing if you don’t have a large bottle collection to store, but are keen to store the ones you do own at their correct optimum temperatures as they were intended to be enjoyed.

The nature of a free-standing tabletop wine fridge means it offers you the benefit of portability. You can pick up and reposition your tabletop wine fridge whenever and wherever you like, changing it around at your leisure with ease. This is great if, for example, you need to reposition your cooler in a different room or entertainment area like outside for a garden party. Your wine will be closer to your guests, meaning you won’t have to leave them to continue to supply them with a great beverage at the perfect temperature.

Another benefit to a wine fridge that stands alone is that you can set it up for free fairly easily as it will not require the help of a professional installer to fit it into an existing unit. Good ventilation will also be easy to achieve as this type of product doesn’t rely on being fitted up against something, so with a good placement choice - excellent ventilation will be achieved with a tabletop model.



Some cons do exist around tabletop wine fridges, the main one being for those that love and appreciate a classy and sleek design to a kitchen would agree that freestanding wine fridges tend to be bigger and bulkier than the integrated alternatives, which could be off-putting to some. Another downside to a tabletop option of wine cooler is that most of them have a limited storage capacity, so not great if you are an avid wine collector as you will only be able to hold so many bottles.


Integrated Wine Fridge

Integrated wine fridges are designed to be built into existing cabinets or under kitchen counters. They offer a sleek look as they sit flush with surrounding kitchen fittings, for that ideal contemporary kitchen environment.



This type of wine fridge can be disguised behind a cupboard door, for a matching kitchen look if you do not want to take away from the overall appearance of your kitchen cupboards, or if you prefer that look of seamless kitchen cupboards and don’t want your wine fridge on show. Although of course, many people love to show off their wine fridge and have it as a stand out feature in their kitchen.



The best thing about integrated wine fridges is the space-saving ability they provide, due to them being fully integrated with your existing cupboards in your kitchen and as mentioned a sleek finish makes these styles of wine fridges popular with consumers. No need for a large amount of floor space or a separate garage for you to store another free-standing fridge to your main grocery one. It is, without doubt, the most attractive looking option for wine fridges out there.



Due to their seamless finish, it is much harder to move an integrated model or upgrade, should you need to. Be aware unless your model is self-ventilating, a ventilation channel must be fitted for air to pass in and out correctly to keep your cooler working at the correct temperature. It will also require the aid of a professional installer to help with the delivery and installation process, to ensure the special ventilation requirements are correctly installed. Due to more special requirements for integrated wine cooler models, they tend to be more expensive than a freestanding model as they are not as quick and easy to set up. However, the price you pay will give you that smooth flawless finish in return, therefore for wine lovers it will be worth the overall unbeatable seamless appearance it will give to your home.