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Integrated wine fridges are the best way of storing your favourite wines. They are fridges for storing your wine in the short term and long term with specific installation requirements that enable them to be installed into kitchen spaces such as cabinets and kitchen nooks. The key is in the word ‘integrated’ - fully-integrated wine coolers are designed to be integrated into kitchen space for a seamless finish.

You can install integrated wine coolers pretty much anywhere in your kitchen - whether it be inside your breakfast bar, inside wall spaces, or installed enclosed within cabinet space. Integrated wine coolers are designed to be completely enclosed in kitchen space or cabinet space, allowing for a sleek and stylish interior. This means that integrated wine coolers can fit perfectly into your home, matching your interior design perfectly.

If your kitchen is sleek and modern, you’re sure to love the integrated wine fridges we have for sale in the Dunavox Soul Collection. Read the next section of this page to learn about installing integrated wine coolers.


Integrated Wine Coolers Installation

Integrated wine coolers may require a little more work to install than simply placing a freestanding wine cooler - and you need to ensure that the measurements are correct before installing. If you have a unique shaped ...