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Dunavox DX-107.229K

HORECA model. The bottles settle on wooden shelves. This model contains charcoal filter, winter protection and door lock. Shock protection: shelves lay on holders complete with shock absorbing rubber pegs. This mechanical solution provides great protection against shock, or vibrations that could lead to possible loss of wine quality.

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Dunavox reserves the right of changing parameters without prior notice.

Annual consumption applies to the case of 25°C ambient temperature and 5-22°C set temperature.
* cooling direct ** cooling dynamic *** thermoelectric **** keep 1-5cm side distance and ensure backside ventilation***** 2012  model series only ******UV-C 30%

Climate classes: SN: +10 °C to +32 °C, N: +16 °C to +32 °C, ST: +16 °C to +38 °C, T: +16 °C to +43 °C