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Double zone built-in compressor model. Its elegant appearance, INOX door, push open door make it especially representative in modern kitchens. The bottles lay on wooden shelves. Door can be opened by touching the left top corner.


This model is equipped with open door alarm and sabbath mode

EAN code

599955843377 2

Dunavox reserves the right of changing parameters without prior notice.

Annual consumption applies to the case of 25°C ambient temperature and ≥12°C set temperature.

* cooling direct ** cooling dynamic *** thermoelectric **** keep 1-5cm side distance and ensure backside ventilation***** 2018 production onwards

Climate classes: SN: +10 °C to +32 °C, N: +16 °C to +32 °C, ST: +16 °C to +38 °C, T: +16 °C to +43 °C